Business Service Centre

Services Offices

Deep Blue offers a variety with different budgets, sizes, kinds of services office that to those in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, in form of rent-to-use. You can choose rental by day, month or year form in a flexible lease. Office space is well-equipped and tailored; and is adopting the advanced technology. You can use the machines or equipments any time. Telephone lines, fiber-optic internet access, executive secretary, fax, courier transceiver and so on are ready all the time.

Deep Blue provides its services, including rental, business registration, reporting changes, cancellation services, financial planning, billing to the export declaration, apply for refund, high-tech enterprises etc, such kind of full range of modernized enterprise business activities or services. To construct website, design and arrange domain name space services; website maintenance and promotion services.

Deep Blue offers services offices :

1 , ready-to -use offices ;
2 , meeting rooms tailored ;
3 , business meeting rooms, business training room ;
4 , Internet Broadband, readily available office equipment ;
5 , value-added services :
   1 ) computer maintenance ;
   2 ) website maintenance ;
   3 ) construction, web design and provision of domain name space ;
   4 ) reception services ;
   5 ) administrative Support Services:
     a) application for telephone line ;
     b) booking of hotels, air tickets , train tickets ;
     c) recruitment agency network ;
     d) to assist recruitment reception ;
6, the executive secretary services :
   a) instruments printing, copying ;
   b) send and receive faxes ;
   c) generation of data entry, proofreading , printing and other document processing ;
   d) translation services ;
7 , legal advisory services ;
8 , business services ;
9 , taxation services ;
10 , executive personnel Services