Hong Kong Tax and China Tax

Deep Blue provides consultancy and tax planning services for both Hong Kong and PRC companies.

a. For Hong Kong companies

  • 1. Profits Tax reporting
  • 2. Zero Tax reporting
  • 3. Hong Kong company, offshore business application
  • 4. Remuneration and pension form(s) to be filed by employer
  • 5. Salaries tax form

If the company is newly established, the first profits tax reporting form(s) will be sent to its registered office by the Inland Revenue Department within 18 months since the date of its incorporation.  The company must fulfill the profit tax form together with the company’s audited report send back to the Inland Revenue Department within three months from the date of issusing the said letter.

b. WOFE / Rep Office

  • a. To apply for Tax Registration Certificate
  • b. Changes in Tax Registration Certificate
  • c. Cancellation Tax Registration Certificate
  • d. Obtain sales invoice procedure
  • e. Tax reporting or any deduction report, payment or application for refund
  • f.  Prepare tax related documents, audit tax payment or planning
  • g. Set up accounting system
  • h. Tax consulting
  • i.   Appoint tax consultant
  • j.   Apply for review or other services as required by the State Administration of Taxation