Chinese Notary

If the document is issued in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) and the use of these notarized units/departments are in Mainland China, we have to appoint China notary.

In Mainland China, the State notary public notary shall be based on application of the parties to prove legal acts, instruments and legal significance of the fact that its authenticity and legality.  The State notary public notary is different from general lawyer notary.  Unlike the private one, the notary public certificate is issued on behalf of the state.  Notary is a national civil servants, it cannot act for notary services at the same time.  A notary is subject to "Notary Rules of Procedure", "People's Republic of Notary Law" and other relevant provisions. Notary Lawyer is entitled to a right of review when the notary considers that the evidence provided by the parties is incomplete or questionable, he is entitled to the relevant units, obtaining relevant evidence of witnesses for investigation and to the scene to conduct site surveys, inspection, even from the relevant units excerpt file or other written evidence as reference, so the notary from the Mainland China are usually notarize instruments in "Prove" form.