Qian Hai / Heng Qin / Nan Shai for Registration of Company

Qian Hai is located at the western part of Shenzhen Shekou Peninsula, the east coast of the Pearl River estuary.   It located in the Pearl River Delta regional, the economic development and coastal features with the expanded spindle cross the intersection, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau by a double border, the Moon Bay Boulevard, the Mom Bay Avenue, the Baoan Avenue and encirclement from the west shoreline.   It covers 14.92 square kilometers.
Nan Sha District is China's third largest city in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City.   One of the geometric center of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. It located in Humen Pearl River estuary waterway West Bank and is the West River, North River, east Sanjiang converge, across East and Dongguan Humen that across the sea, west with Zhongshan City, Nansha as the center, with a radius of 60 kilometers that cross around 14 cities and an area of 803 square kilometers.   The Nan Sha area is a regional water and land transportation hub, water transport through the mouth of the Pearl River and the Pearl River leading to major domestic and foreign ports, 38 sea miles away from Hong Kong and for Macau, 41 sea miles away.   Aviation that around Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau and other international airports.
Heng Qin has cooperation, innovation and service as the main themes.   It gives full play to Heng Qin that located in Guangdong, Hong Kong.   It combines the advantages of the Ministry to promote close cooperation with Hong Kong and Macau, the integration of development and it gradually become a focal point of the building Heng Qin Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macau service pioneered and development of Guangdong, Hong Kong closely demonstration area.   Currently, it sets up a town on the island with three community committees, under the jurisdiction of 11 villages, the new district was the first one to be established, the island with a resident population of 7000 people, including the resident population of 4203 people .
Because of the unique location of the three districts, the most open ports, the most liberal regime and the most preferential policies, it is the most livable environment to attract large number of investors to invest business.
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