HK Company's Annual Audit

Company Annual Returns in Hong Kong

According to the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap 32) s. 131 (1), every Hong Kong company limited by shares must appoint auditors. The first auditor can be appointed by directors before its first annual general meeting, the auditors will hold office until the end of the general meeting. However, if the board fails to appoint auditors under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap 32) s. 131 (3) and (4) shareholders may make such appointment at the general meetings.


Appointing an auditor and submitting an annual return

For the following years, the auditor is re-appointed at the annual general meeting and shall hold office until end of the next annual general meeting. If at the annual general meeting, shareholders fail to appoint auditors, according to the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32) s. 131 (1) and (2), any shareholder / member of the Company may apply to court for appointment auditors. According to the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32) s. 141 (1), it stipulates that a company must present its audited accounts, at the annual general meeting to the Company's shareholders / members during the auditors’ tenure of service, which includes the company 's balance sheet, profit and loss account and the accounts of the relevant group companies.

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Friendly Reminder: When choosing your certified public accountants, please go to the following website for checking whether the Hong Kong Society of Accountants registered with the said professional accountant firm to avoid being deceived.