Company Formation in Nansha Guangzhou

Firstly,  The Guangzhou Nansha - Description and Backgroun:-

Nansha District is China's third largest city in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City, a one in the geometric center of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone and located in Humen Pearl River estuary waterway.   West Bank is the West River, North River, east is Sanjiang converge, it acrosses East and Dongguan Humen, acrosses the sea, west Zhongshan City.   Nansha as the center, within a radius of 60 kilometers that around 14 cities, an area of 803 square kilometers.   The Nansha area is a regional water and a land transportation hub, water transport through the mouth of the Pearl River and the Pearl River leading to major domestic and foreign ports, 38 sea miles away from Hong Kong, for Macau, 41 sea miles away, aviation around Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau and other international airports.   Today Nansha, Guangzhou, with  the implementation of the "Southern Extension" strategy as leadership, achieves scientific development in the Pearl River Delta as a shining pearl.
Secondly,  The Guangzhou Nansha - Investment Environment:-

Currently, the investment environment in Nansha area has a good foundation.   The local water and electricity supply provide adequate drinking water diversion from Shawan zone, the Zhujiang Power Plant and a 110 kV substation 3.   Nansha is a national first class port, everything is fast and convenient, the local marina has been built Nam Wai, Tung Fat pier, there were two 25,000 DWT and a 10,000 tons berths; Zhujiang Power Plant built two 40,000 ton coal terminal , the southeastern tip of the island Huangge Town Tigers built a 30,000-ton kiloton and petrochemical terminals.   Wei East of South Pier and Pier 2001 cargo throughput of 1.7 million tons.   Nansha has built a very convenient and smooth highway network, the region also has a high-speed ferry straight to Hong Kong and with 12 shifts daily by just 75 minutes.   Moreover, the Nansha area provides support for investment activities related to the sex industry services that are maturing, it is currently in the Nansha Puzhou tech industrial park that has built an international convention and exhibition centers, museums, bookstores, etc., it provides meeting, office, trade shows and travel services and a series of services.

Thirdly,  the Guangzhou Nansha Industry:-


  • 1)   The automobile industry foundation:   Nansha automobile industry are based on the Tigers in town and the north of the island, Huangge vehicle, engine production area and Auto Park A district, Pearl River management area, Auto Park Area B with planned area of about 20 square kilometers. Nansha Guangzhou Toyota automobile industry, as the leading vehicle project, focus on developing vehicles, engines and parts, research and development of new models and related components, has been formed a spectacular automobile city.


  • 2)   Advanced manufacturing:   During the Eleventh Five-Year period, the Nansha Harbor modern industry has taken shape.   Create a group on the Nansha modern industrial development that has an important role in promoting large-scale productivity backbone of the project, forming a car, ship and marine engineering equipment, port and shipping logistics, electronic information, chemical, steel products as well as nuclear power equipment, high voltage power transmission equipment, tunnel boring machine, CNC machine tools, garden machinery such as focusing on machinery and equipment manufacturing base, a modern industrial port shape.


  • 3)   The modern service industry:   Industry is built around the coastal.   City livable quality with living demonstration area and the PRD goals to focus on creating Nansha Jiaomen waterways.   Waterways and Nansha island continent mallard ( inbound Avenue to the south ) along the coast, horizontal Lek east - Pearl Street core area of the northern coast of modern service-oriented core area of the Pearl River Delta ( PRD CBD), focusing on the development of modern service industry , headquarters economy , trade and industry and the high-tech industry , the introduction of investors to participate in commerce, real estate , hotel catering, tourism and other living facilities and public services facilities, while vigorously introduce of finance, accounting, insurance, legal , consulting , exhibition , information services , producer services project , build with gathering force , driving force and radiation cities economic center , supporting the formation and related services advanced manufacturing systems , the formation of wisdom to guide the development of Nansha District, Pearl River Delta cities and Services core functionality areas.


  • 4)   The high-tech enterprises:   During the Eleventh Five-Year period, the Nansha integrating closely and actively promote the development of high-tech industries.   Planning of 22.9 square kilometers Withub tech industrial park, strengthen cooperation with Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies University and other universities and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Cooperation, it has introduced HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate, Guangzhou Institute of Industrial Technology Research hospital, Guangzhou Modern industrial technology Research Institute and a number of scientific and technological research and development platform and research base.   In the past five years, the district has invested 135 million yuan to encourage financial support enterprise innovation.   Dongfang Electric, Crystal Electronics, Lonza, Elizabeth and other companies that have developed in the country and even the world's leading high-tech products, a number of potential high efficiency of SME that have achieved rapid development.