Changes of RO

Rep Office - Changes

On 10 November 2010, it was passed at the 132nd State Council Executive meeting that, with effect from 1 March 2011, the "Permanent Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprises Registration Regulations" came into effect, matters relating to registration of change are clearly defined .

Article 27: Changes that is requested for registration: It should, since the change fof the registration items come into effect, within 60 days, make an application for registration. The registration for such changes should be in accordance with the laws, administrative regulations or the State Council which approved in advance before the registration. It should, within 30 days from the date of approval, make an application for registering the said changes.

Article 28: The Representative Office which propose to continue business activities upon expiry, shall before its expiration 60 days of its expiry, go to the registration authority  registering the said changes.

Article 31: Should there be any changes in authorized signatories of foreign companies, corporate responsibility in the form of capital ( assets ) , business scope as well as representatives, the foreign enterprise should, within 60 days from the date of such changes, make necessary filing to the registration authority.

Any changes in organization name, business scope, stationed address, the representative of Rep Offices of foreign enterprises, it shall be approved by the originate approval authority and within the prescribed time limit, go to the originate registration authority for registering changes.

For any changes, the Rep Office of the foreign ( regional ) enterprises should submit the following documents:

1. "Foreign ( regional ) enterprises – Rep Office for registering changes  application" Form;

2. For changes relating to the following matters, it has to provide the following documents as well:

  ( 2-1 ) Change in Workplace :

         (1) examination and approval document from the relevant authority ;
         (2) evidence for litigate to use of the said address ;
         (3) original representative certificate ;
         (4) original registration certificate ;
         (5) Other relevant documents and certificates .

  ( 2-2 ) Change in Representative:
         (1) examination and approval document from the relevant authority ;
         (2) Representative / Chief Representative - appointment and removal documents ;
         (3) original registration certificate ;
         (4) other relevant documents and certificates.

  ( 2-3 ) Change in Corporation name :
         ( 1 ) examination and approval document from the relevant authority ;
         ( 2 ) foreign countries ( regions ) the corporate name change certificate ;
         ( 3 ) original representative certificate ;
         ( 4 ) original registration certificate ;
         ( 5 ) Other relevant documents and certificates.

  ( 2-4 ) Change in Business scope :
         ( 1 ) examination and approval document from relevant authority ;
         ( 2 ) original representative certificate ;
         ( 3 ) Other relevant documents and certificates.

For registration changes, it has to apply changes for tax registration and organization code certificate simultaneously.