Formation of UK Company

United Kingdom (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) as the subject of which is England, so it is used to called England ( originally English specifically refers to England). British Isles refer to England, Scotland and Wales, with a population of about 62,350,000.  English is commonly used in both business and technology aspects  as an international language .

Advantage of investing in UK :
English skills of the labor force has superior flexibility, labor costs are competitive ; rates are low, the economy is highly stability with technologically advanced.  High quality financial services enable it becomes the world 's largest international financial centers and infrastructure.  High efficiency and cost-benefits.   These features and advantages of UK make it as the first choice for foreign investment in Europe .

UK company Registration and Follow-up management services :
( 1 ) British company incorporation :   According to the UK Companies Act (The Act.1985) regulations , the British company registration applies that the need to go to the UK Registrar of Companies to submit relevant documents, application form and application fee.   During the application, there is a need to provide the company name, directors of related personal data , our comapny will provide the UK company a legal company secretary and registered address, such kind of services.
( 2 ) Follow-up management services UK :   According to the British Companies Act , the British company incorporation, the company directors are responsible for filing with the UK Registrar of Companies and the UK Inland Revenue to provide information on the British company's business.


  •        ( 2-1 ) UK Registrar of Companies , the company needs to report annually its annual income and expenditure submitted by the annual revenue and expenditure report (Accounts) and the company annual review report (Annual Return).  It requires report to the UK Registrar of Companies,  the company director or company secretary of any changes as to their specific information , as well as its reporting for the company the registered address if there is any changes ;
  •         ( 2-2 )  Inland Revenue Department (IRD) , the British company incorporation, its directors are responsible for, at the first time, to notify the IRD of its existence and has tax liability , and the IRD has the responsibility to inform the registered address for any change(s) , and the company's accounting balance sheet date and so on. The UK IRD will not, make the company's tax statements issued before the filing date through the letter informs the directors of the Company whether the company needs to apply report or to tax ; but it is the responsibility initiated by the directors of the company to complete its annual tax return .  If the company's tax return is not in compliance to be completed within the specified period , the department will take appropriate measures , such as: to issue the assessors' letters, etc. .

UK Tax Administration issues :
Firstly, the company 's annual review must be completed each year.  Secondly, whether the company needs to do the audit report , or need to pay taxes , all these depending on the operations of the company in that year , if there is profit generated ; or if it makes a loss , they need not pay taxes ; if it generates profits , it is necessary to pay taxes .
IRD also provides relevant regulations:   For companies that meet certain conditions ( small and medium scale enterprises ) are entitled to free audit reports and tax exemptions. According to the British Companies Act , for the small and medium enterprises, if it satisfies the following conditions, it may apply simplified the company's annual revenue and expenditure reports :

  • (A) the company's annual turnover is less than or equal to the funds of £ 5,600,000.00 ;
  • (B) the company's annual balance sheet shows that the company is less than or equal to the profit of £ 2,800,000.00 ;
  • (C) the average number of employees is less than 50 people.  But they must be made by directors of the Company to engage a professional accountant to apply simplified annual income ,it is not decided by the director.

UK company cancelled :
According to the British Company Act, a company can be cancelled within three months from the Companies Registry since its application, it must:-
(1) not change the company name ;
(2) not have any commercial operation , etc. ; to apply for a UK company's deregisration,during its process of cancellation , the Registrar of Companies will publish a statement in the UK newspapers for three months , and if there is no objection , the Registrar of Companies will issue a notice stating that the applicaication is succeed.