Legalization by Chinese Embassy in UK

The China government is currently investing heavily to increase domestic demand, attracting lots of foreign investors to invest in Mainland; but because of the definition of China's "Company Law": they are defined as a foreign investor, the investor's qualification documents shall be submitted by the China diplomatic and consular for certification before they can be used in the Mainland China.  Therefore, a company which is incorporated in the BVI, Seychelles, Samoa, or registered in the Cayman Islands, the British registered company or the British nationals who come to China to set up wholly foreign-owned investment companies, joint venture companies, foreign partner companies, it must provide certification by the China Embassy in the UK consulate for its main qualification documents.

General procedure is as follows: by International Lawyers, notaries company registered in BVI, Seychelles, Samoa, or those registered in the Cayman Islands, the British registered company documents are notarized, and should then be handed over to the British Foreign Office for certification and finally obtained the Chinese Embassy in the UK for certification. After completion of all the above 3 steps, then can it be get into China for use as a file to be recognized.

Currently, most of the agents got a wrong understanding and practice that, for a BVI company which requests embassy for certification, such company is not register through their own and there is no other possibility to do so through other embassy notary; the reason is because of BVI companies are usually with a high degree of confidentiality, notaries lawyers do need to review the company's data when the true legitimacy, if it cannot provide this information, they cannot be confirmed.

In fact, this is not absolute, we must first understand the contents of notary certificate, such as a copy of the proof that requires a general and consistent with the original notarized certification, then you only need to provide such BVI company’s originals, our firm can handle the case for you.