Open Bank Account

Nowadays, with the economic boost, transaction settlement changed substantially and drastic.  All these transactions are handled by banker.  Usually, a Hong Kong company will open a bank account after registration.  There is no restriction or other special requirements.  Generally speaking, the company will open bank account in its place of incorporation.  Clients can choose the place which most suitable for them to open bank accounts.  All banks are internationally world-wide and have its professional working teams to service clients.

Generally speaking, the directors must go to the bank in personal for opening bank account. At the same time, the following documents should be provided:-

  • 1. Director’s Identification document: HKID card, Passport
  • 2. Director’s address proof: the bank statement for the previous three months, or other bills, invoice (ie. Water supply or electricity) for the previous three months
  • 3. Director’s other personal particulars: telephone number or email address
  • 4. Corporation’s capital registered proof: Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate(if it is registered in Hong Kong) , Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • 5. Financial information: Business plan, relevant experience, commercial contracts, amount of capital invested, directors’ income.

Corporate bank account is different from individual bank account. Usually, it is not within the scope of service free of charged.  Most of the banks will charge the clients a certain amount administration fee.  Some other banks will charge commission or management fee monthly.

For more detailed information, please contact the respective banks.

  • 1. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking (Corporation) Limited
  • 2. Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
  • 3. Hang Seng Bank Limited
  • 4. Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
  • 5. Citibank (Hong Kong)