Bank of China Bank (BOC) Account Opening

Bank Account Opening (Hong Kong) – for companies incorporated in Hong Kong

  • 1. Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate on Change of Company Name (if any);
  • 2. valid Business Registration Certificate
  • 3. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • 4. Changes in Secretaries and Directors notification form (if any) / Letter of Consent to act as Directors or Reserved Directors (if any) / Letter of Resignation from Secretaries or Directors(if any) / Annual Return (if any)
  • 5. Documents to be provided any two Directors (if sole Director for that company, the sole Director), major Shareholder(s) (Shareholder holding at least 10% or above shares or voting rights) and Authorized Signors : -

                               (a) Identification Documents ;
                               (b) Former name / other name ;
                               (c) Nationality identification ;
                               (d) Address Proof (i.e. the letters or invoice with clients’ name and address issued by governmental bodies, public company or bank within immediate past 3 months)


  • 6. if the Company has a corporate Director, so the relevant board meeting minutes or resolution(s) authorizing the representative to attend the bank account opening procedure.


Bank administrative fee charged:-
1. Company search fee HK$ 150.00 (to be paid during the bank account opening procedure)