Legalisation by Consulate / Embassy in China

Consular certification means:  Consular certification agencies, according to the applications of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations of foreign country, deal with domestic matters for notary, documents or other evidence that the related instruments abroad for seal, signature or other recognized activities.  Consular certification will not exercise its proof functions on a certificate or other proof of public documents that has already proved functional matters, clerical content or to the text by the responsible agency.

The activity of consular certification does not constitute alter, eliminate or establishment that involves rights and obligations.

Consulates in China for Certification (LEGALIZATION BY EMBASSY OR CONSLATE), also known as "Diplomatic Certification" refers to the Chinese diplomatic and / or foreign institutions in China, consulates in foreign-related commercial documents and instruments that are recognized by the Chinese notarized certification authority or other certain organs by signature and / or seal for substantiated legal act.  Certified documents have external legal effect which act as documents as recognized by the relevant authorities in the country for use.

At present, when foreign commercial documents or instruments for consular certification, it is in form of "Double Certification", i.e. the first act is by the Foreign Ministry or its authorized agencies to certify, confirm the documents related to foreign trade, the China notarized certification authority or some specific organs' signature and / or seal thereto is true, then it will be sent to the foreign resident country where its consulates will handle the authentication.

  • (1) The documents require certification and its annexure must be strictly in accordance with the various requirements of the embassies, consulates; the timing for each consular endorsement are not the same, it generally ranging from two weeks to two months; each consular fees are different;
  • (2) Whether a document need to be translated for certification? Is the translation set together with the original set needed to be put together for certification? All supporting documents are required for confirmation clearly.
  • (3) As a citizen in Mainland China, if you need to get a copy of certificate or documents overseas (excluding Hong Kong) for use, invest or for a certain number of facts, under normal circumstances, it needs to be certified by overseas consulates in China, it can be the case for international notary :

If it is the case for a country that is a member of Hague Convention, it only needs to be notarized by Hong Kong International notary.  Should there be the one is a non-Hague Convention country, then it is required to do notarization, embassy for certification. This process is the one that the notary overseas embassies or consulates in China for undergoing the "Certification" with official signature for confirmation, such confirmation process is so called "Consulate/Embassy Certification."