Deregistration of Chinese WOFE

"Company Law" Article 181 stipulates:      Acompany may dissolute because of the following reason:-

(1) the company's operating period expire as set out in the articles of association or other grounds for dissolution occurs ;

"Company Law" S.182 provides:   If the situation of Company Law, Article 181 (1) occurs, the company can alter the Articles of Association and subsisting thereafter.   To alter the Articles of Association, a limited liability company shall be passed by no less than two-third of the voting right of shareholders.   Shares limited company is subject to shareholders attending the shareholders' meeting and passed by two thirds or more of the voting rights.

Hence, a company's establishment, dissolution, subsisting, is permitted by law and according to the will of the shareholders.   The operation period is determined by shareholders. And, of course, it can be modified by agreement, the key point is to obtain the support of two-third of the  vote.

Section 181 (4) :        If the company has act illegally, the business license will be revoked, or to be ordered to close down or be revoked.

Thus, the shareholders as a whole and the illegal act for being dissolved the company are totally two different things, the other one is requesting the court for dissolution.